Stanford CIRP:
Co-Clinical Research for Imaging Tumor Associated Macrophages


Our Mission

The goal of our Co-Clinical Imaging Research Program (CIRP; Project Number: U24CA264298) is to optimize and validate preclinical and clinical quantitative imaging techniques for in vivo quantification of tumor associated macrophages (TAM) in osteosarcomas. We are in a unique position to leverage an immediately clinically applicable imaging test for tumor associated macrophages (TAM) to study the efficacy of new immunotherapies that activate TAM. Our approach relies on the FDA approved iron oxide nanoparticle compound ferumoxytol, which is phagocytosed by TAM and can be detected with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Website Resources

This web-accessible research resource provides an overview of the methods, data and results collected from our co-clinical investigations such that investigators at other centers can learn about quantitative imaging approaches for TAM imaging, test their ability to estimate tumor TAM content through R2 and R2* maps, implement related imaging protocols at their institution and apply them for monitoring TAM-modulating cancer immunotherapies.